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This is not a long story, but is 100 % true. My friend Sarah is a student milfmovs at uni 21yrs old, 5'6 with blonde hair, blue eyes, nice tits and a nice firm 32c trimmed pussy. We have been a few years ago, and although, like many guys who always saw her gettin fucked buy another dreamed I would never say something to her, she is too sweet and scared me. Or at least I milfmovs think that until last week. She just started as a waitress in a company that makes weddings and the like. So basically only comes in somewhere, and serves customers and drunken wedding Pitance paid for it. I thought it was all very well and enjoyed it, although I knew, never both. Last week I was in his back and went to take a shower, milfmovs I realized that I had your computer on the left side. The curiosity was stronger than me, so I had a look, and she had her Hotmail account, I logged an e- mail with your best friend tells your subject line 'never going to believe it! 'Of course I had to take a look. She said she was in a wedding at home, basically a type of property with a large tent in the garden. I had all night and it was about 2 o'clock until she said she could not finish. she says her some of the others had a few bottles of wine stolen from the trailer for the catering company and went across the field. then says that only end with and 2 hot ' guys. 'They told me that one of the guys bent without notice and began to kiss, and she did not know what to do, because of course she loved me, and she has never cheated on anyone, but I was drunk and this guy was' very hot. 'I felt a little weird, actually first, but I had to read more. It helps to tell you, friend, and he was kissing this guy for milfmovs about a minute and then takes her hand and pushes it down to the right tail, which was difficult. holdstold his friend who wanted to milfmovs make it very, but for some reason could not. This type gets rid of his pants and pulls out his dick and start it, you idiot! I could not believe what I felt was reading, but rather angry, I'm really getting turned on. I'm even more attention when I turned to reading. She says (and this is a quote ) 'Honestly, I could not believe the size of your partner, I've never been one that has seen great before it was fucking huge!' At this point my cock was about to explode the idea of their appearance in some random guys cock I really will, which was milfmovs even better now that he's usually so sweet and innocent ! Then he says that this man was standing in front of her and she struck him, and milfmovs that was the other, who was also stood up and confessed he had his pants, and get to be with his partner of care. He then explained that both alternately until one of them shot his load sucked directly into the mouth. couldn't think I ever swallow it for me! She says the second man wanted to fuck, but she would not, I must admit I was a little disappointing. She tells her classmates that she feels very guilty now has sobered up and there was no way I ever said, because I had left. Well, if you tell me what had happened, the truth is that the only downside would be for them to tell me the story over and over again until they got bored with milfmovs it. So come on, I can not believe, and the thought makes me like it can not fail to have a straw in the thought of my girlfriend sucking cock sweet randoms in midfield and drink his semen. If only I could have seen in action.....
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